sábado, febrero 02, 2008

Y ahora, Msieur Godard me ofrece trabajo en Africa

Film Production Manager
Fecha de la oferta: 01-02-2008
Nombre de la empresa: The Buzz Business
Web de la empresa: www.thebuzzbusiness.com
Número de trabajadores: 10
Sede central en: Barcelona
Descripción de la empresa: The Buzz Business provides creative marketing solutions in print and video for regional and national governments worldwide

Puesto vacante: Film Production Manager
Categoría: Marketing y comunicación
Subcategoría: Producción
Nivel: Dirección / gerencia
Personal a cargo: 1 - 5
Número de vacantes: 1
Descripción de la oferta: At present our media agency is looking to recruit someone on a freelance project basis to project manage the logistics for a film crew in an African country, for 5 weeks.
This will involve travelling to the country for:
• 1 week at the end of February – 4 days preparation of the entire film and 3 days filming
• 3. 5 weeks at the end of May – 1 week preparation and 2.5 weeks filming managing a crew of 4/5 and liaising on a daily basis with the client (the Ministry of Tourism)
• 2-3 days debrief and post-production in Bcn/Madrid

We are hoping to recruit someone with the potential to build on that project experience and possibly take on a more permanent role within the agency in the future which would involve a series of international production projects and office based preparation from Barcelona.
Do you have interest & experience in:

1. Television production
2. Documentary film making
3. International project management
4. Event management
5. Photography.

Are you:

1. Capable of managing the production aspects for a film crew in Africa
2. Are comfortable liaising with very senior government officials
3. Exceptionally well organised with strong leadership skills.
4. Fluent in English and Spanish
5. Prepared to work on the field in potentially difficult conditions
6. Barcelona based

If you match the above description, please email Sian Godard, sian@the buzzbusiness.com, with a CV and a cover letter explaining why you think that we should consider you for this first project in Africa. If your CV is selected for the first stage of the interview process you will be contacted to set up an initial telephone interview which will be conducted in English.

Requisitos deseados: French
Documentary film making experience
Tipo de contrato: De duración determinada
Duración: 2 months
Jornada laboral: Completa
Sueldo: 1.700/2.400 euros brutos/mes

4 comentarios:

Te lo dice Kaspar: dijo...

Huelga decir que YO soy la persona ideal para este puesto.
Ya he mandado mi CV y he expresado mi deseo de emprender este proyecto.
¡¡Todo sea por la Nouvelle vague!!

Te lo dice Kaspar: dijo...

...A pesar del sueldo miserable. Muy francés, digamos.

titiritero dijo...

cara amiga, o ¿deberia decir karina?, suerte en el proceso!!

x las 2 o 3 cosas q se de usted, es la persona q buscan.

y aun diria mas, ¡¡todo sea x la nouvelle vague!!

Te lo dice Kaspar: dijo...

Saludos, titiritero:
me alegra que se dedique a
vivir su vida,
eso quiere decir que
todo va bien!
Y lo demás,
son historias
du cinéma!